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  1. I Got my $500 AMZ giftcard, thank your team

    1. U wellcome ! let us known when u want buy more

  2. Do you also have company cc fullz

    1. Hi James , contact our icq 91199999

  3. How do I know this is legit

    1. Hi Ray , we are legit vendor
      contact our icq 91199999 , will have supporter for you asap

  4. Im Nigeria man, would like to buy Western Union transfer , can you do that to my country ?

    1. Hi Kazeem , we can do wu transfer to Nigeria . any Nigeria buyer before
      contact our icq 91199999

    2. Call me asap so we can talk busniess please I’m no stranger

  5. Thanks alot for fast response , received money on my hands with Your WU service

  6. I received $2,000 my PayPal . It took time bt I got. Thanks you guy

  7. i bought 10 usa cvv , 8 cvv worked 2 cvv not good
    but thanks you guys i appreciate it

  8. How much do you sell USA cc

    1. Contact our icq 91199999

  9. Got my package with 3 plastic cards Dumps today, gonna try soon at ATM and give a result

  10. hey Admin,

    i need fedex or dhl account ship worldwide.pls advise.

    1. emailed !
      contact our icq 91199999

  11. this good seller

  12. Perfect Western Union Service!

    1. Thanks , you wellcome !

  13. How can i buy dumps with pin

    1. Emailed !
      contacct our icq 91199999

  14. Im trying to contact you on icq 91199999 I’m getting no reply

    1. Hi Miah.. check it again

  15. I wanna buy wu transfer minimum amount , how much ? which payment ?
    this my email : Tayl*********@aol.com

    1. Hi taylor , $1,000 MTCN transfer is minimum amount . price totally : $325
      we accept bitcoin payment or perfect money payment
      Emailed ! or contact our icq 91199999

  16. I paid you already 15 minutes ago , but you don’t want to send me the PayPal transfer. I’m disappointed

    1. Please don’t rush our team , we working transfer . you will received enough your $2,000 paypal transfer 15 minutes later

  17. I received a successful transaction notification, please work on right time nextdeal . But i appreciate legit your work

  18. E-mail u plz respond asap

  19. Hi i need cc please message me .

    1. Hi , contact our icq 91199999

  20. Hi Sir, i just made payment for $2,000 Western union , please email me when will i can get MTNC and Sender information. Thank you so much

    1. Emailed ! the money is ready for picked up ASAP

  21. Greattt , Picked up $2,000 as well , then i will do another transaction with you next week . thank so much
    pick up money wu hack

  22. Hi I need US bank bank login with $20k balance

    1. contact our icq 91199999

  23. How can I get dumps I can’t find the option

    1. contact our icq 91199999

  24. Thank you, my sister just walked into Western Union branch and took $2,000 cash, I and her now will become your LOYAL customers and we may bring more customers to you.

  25. I want to buy bin 414776 in bulk

    1. contact our icq 91199999
      USA CVV bin price $20 per 1

  26. I need a credit card to make one transaction how can I get one .

    1. contact our icq 91199999

  27. Can u send me $500 usd in my payoneer? How much cost? Do u need my card details to send money or only my payoneer mail will be better?

    1. dont have it, pls check more Paypal transfer service or wu transfer

      1. Do u have master card? And dollar?

        1. yes, we have it
          contact our icq 91199999

  28. hello admin im very interested with WU service can you tell me plan work ?

    1. Hi Frazier , contact our icq 91199999
      we accept bitcoin payment

  29. i want buy united states creditcard

    1. Hi Eddie , $15 per 1 usa cvv
      contact our icq 91199999

  30. your icq not replying my message. my icq : 711****50

    1. Check it again !

  31. i need USA bank account logins worth $10k or $20k and some cc (how much are your products). Also do you have any special tools for doing wire transfer, MD, ACH, and checks ?
    thank you

    1. hi, contact our icq 91199999

  32. Thank bro, I made payments for $1000 MTCN and I received my western union info MTCN around 30 minutes Picked up well at wu agent thank again

  33. I want buy 5 hongkong cvv do you have it ?

    1. Hi mark , we have selling hongkong cvv
      contact our icq 91199999

  34. Hi how to register on ur site?

    1. Contact our icq 91199999

  35. how much 1 dumps and pin bro and how i can send payment for u

    1. Hi, contact our icq 91199999
      we accept bitcoin payment

  36. Please how much do you sell your Amex cards and MasterCard

    1. Hi , contact our icq 91199999

  37. Hello just wanna cheq

    1. Hi, contact our icq 91199999

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