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  1. Hi how much would it cost for. U to transfer money to me

    1. contact our icq 91199999

    2. I’m interested in some cvv , I look for you on icq but i need the contry code to find you on icq app pleas let me know as soon as possible.

      1. contact our iq 91199999

  2. dear all, my thoughts are to praise what they have done greatly for me as i got 3 Master cards worked at ATM, i took out around $1k for each one. after 5 days waiting to received the cards. thnks for being legitimate!

  3. Sir can I do payments in money gram or western union?

    1. we just accept bitcoin payment or perfect money payment

  4. I am interested in how to become a reseller ?

    1. contact our icq 91199999

  5. Hi how can i order PayPal transfer and how long to take balance my PayPal
    and what is your minimum package

    1. $2,000 paypal transfer is minimum amount – price $275
      You will receive money in less than 30 min after confirmed your payment

  6. have someone can tell me this guys legit or not ? i want buy western union transfer

    1. vote for these guys if you do Western Union transfer from them! i personally only do Wu and got money twice.

    2. We are legit vendor
      contact our icq 91199999

  7. Hey new client. Looking for us cc’s w info & bank logins. Please get back to me soon as possible. Looking for a long term connection! Hope to hear from you soon, I’ll be waiting for your reply

    1. Hi . contact our icq 91199999

  8. Looking for new, long term Cvv’s and dumps ASAP. Will be waiting…..Thanks

    1. contact our icq 91199999

  9. It’s nice to see so many people getting their cash and being happy with the services

  10. how much is track 1 & 2 details from Arabian countries

    1. contact our icq 91199999
      dont have Arabian DUmp track
      just have Usa , Ca , UK , Eu , China

  11. i need good card sir i am not here for games right , i need good cc for shoping usa cc

    1. contact our icq 91199999

  12. vote for these guys if you do Western Union transfer from them!
    i personally only do Wu and got money twice

  13. i received $500 amz egiftcard i ordered maybe 1 hour and he sent to me
    thank you buddies <3

    1. let me known when you want buy ore something

  14. I want this what to do

    1. contact our icq 91199999

  15. I was scared the first time, because there are so many fraudsters
    But this guy has brought me faith and happiness. I got MTCN – sender information within 1 hour after paying for him
    They worked very well and professionally
    5 star rating for team
    thanks again

  16. Do you do Canadian bank money transfers?

    1. we can do wu transfer to canadian as well
      contact our icq 91199999

  17. 5 france cvvs very good

  18. CAN you WU to india ? what is the time limit .

    1. yes, we can do it
      contact our icq 91199999

  19. Hello, can you WU to Ukraine?

    1. yes, we can do it
      contact our icq 91199999

  20. hello, can you you WU to Ghana?

    1. yes , we can do it
      contact our icq 91199999

  21. Good evening Sir, last Thursday is one of my best day of my life as the first Investment has returned the profit as the cashier at Western Union gave me my $2,000. I did spend this money for myselft and exhange to Bitcoin again for the bigger Investment. Gonna contact you soon again.you are my life vest!

  22. have a nice weekend ahead as i received my 1st Western Union from them after depositing and purchasing Wu order $2,000 . their mtcn came after around 50 mins since i ordered.

  23. Just do research, your team seems legit, will get enough bitcoin, then contact again. Thanks

    1. contact our icq 91199999

  24. Am really interested in wu transfer…
    Contact me as soon as possible

    1. contact our icq 91199999

  25. Estou interessado nos PayPal você manda para contas brasileiras BR. Qual procedimento.

    1. English please . contact our icq 91199999
      we can do paypal transfer to brazil as well

  26. Hello Sir, I wanna buy again Paypal but amount $2000. Is this available for this amount. If yes, pls email me. Thank you Sir.

    1. yes, can do it
      Emailed !

  27. I need cc dumps for ca usa 101

    1. contact our icq 91199999

  28. hello how can i contact

    1. contact our icq 91199999

  29. this guys selling very good cvv
    the rest cvv worked nice

  30. Has anyone done PayPal?? Trying not to get ripped

  31. I came across this site I want to make money can order just one dump to see how it works

    1. we just sell min 3 dumps

  32. I picked up enough $2,000 at Western union agent with your service. My kids will be delighted with this special gift. you’re like Santa Claus delivering presents for the kids, and I’m one of them.
    Thank you very much and wish Merry Christmas soon
    Best regards – Nelson

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