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  1. guys still wating for your response..revert me back asap

    1. check your email pls

  2. trust or not trust?

    1. Hi, we are legit team . check your email pls

  3. I am new to this Under world, but again many thanks for helping me receive my first 1000 Usd at Maryland. I am so sad now cause Trumps is now president and for sure i have find more money to stay live in crazy American

  4. An email with notification that my Paypal balance has been added $2000 . Ps: very good communication by your biz team

  5. Never thought i will work with hackers to make money, but thanks to your genuine team. it now become reality, as i saw an article about selling dumps, accidentally came across your website, trying first Cvv in canada work bring me more trust in your service. I am happy for GOD let me here. Another thing is that your support team is so helpful, explain me in detail about WU transfer, I did follow him instruction and withdrawn cash this Tuesday morning. $5000 is big money to me, and that help me overcome my hard stuff right now
    God bless your team

    1. God bless you too !

  6. Thanks you , Got an 2000 US dollars at WU today for my first time after buying USA Cvv

  7. Question for Admin im still awating for my paypal transfer £2000 could you be kind enoght to tell me when it will be done ??????

    1. I received enough your payment. but you need send your address paypal account ?
      Pls send to my email

  8. Thanks you SIR ! i saw £2000 balance paypal my account.
    i want do biggest on next deal

  9. Hi sir, i want to purchase 5 fullz/cvv. Please let me know pricing and way to send you the money. Can you also tell me pricing for WU transfers to Canada? Thanks

    1. Hi. check your email pls

  10. Hi admin,
    i want to order 5 CVV CA, Amex

    1. Hi. check your email pls

      1. hey bro how long until i get my cvv

  11. Your service is the best, keep it up team thanks so much

  12. Greatly appreciate your work, my Gamer buddy (Robert) got his cash at WU last Friday and told me to here, please email me, I also from Miami same as Robert, I need $2000 usd, I will buy bitcoin on Monday, email me please, i need some more details. Thank you Sir

    1. Thanks you for using our service !

  13. Do you have Netherlands Cvv ? i want buy 5 cvv Pass vbv/3d
    how much ? Bitcoin payment ?

    1. Check your email pls !

  14. I want to try this ,i am in Canada

    1. hi. check your email pls

  15. really reliable ?

  16. I want fullz cc of specific bin of amazon.in

  17. I wish to but USA cc to make a profit.

  18. received $2000 dollars at western union after buying some cvv Us, your cvvs sometime are not valid, but you changed for free. I appreciate that much

  19. i can buy a test ?

    1. check your email pls

  20. Hello my friend… I want to buy dump with pin.. how do I buy 101..

    1. contact us via ICQ 911-99999 or email: [email protected]

  21. Hello my friend… I want to buy dump with pin.. how do I buy 101..

    1. contact us via ICQ 911-99999 or email: [email protected]

  22. Hello my friend. I hit you earlier. you never hit me back

    1. check your email again bro !

  23. I want to buy dump with pins how can I purchase them

    1. check your email pls !

  24. I want to buy dump with pins how can I purchase them

    1. check your email pls !

  25. All card was good, i will buy alot this weekend , thanks you very much

  26. Hello my friend… check your email

  27. Im very poor and need help and i want to know if you will and how much can you transfer for 20$ please help me

    1. $2000 paypal transfer minimum

  28. Interested in the paypal transfer amount 4000 GBP – price 300GBP ?. Seen your site and interested in doing business with you. Email me asap

    1. Already sent payment to your BTC address, transfer 4000 GBP to my account please

  29. transferred to me late in 60 minutes!!! but anyway receive enough my 4,000 GBP Paypal, hope next time please do your job on-time !

  30. Will buy Bitcoin in Monday then I will buy Western Union money service. Please email me whether amount of 2,000 US dollars available.

  31. Hi..
    How and were do I order ?
    Best Regards Tiffany_76

    1. Hi Tiffany ! Emailed
      contact us via email or ICQ 91199999

  32. Hi, I want $1000 MTCN

    1. Hi, check your email or contact icq: 91199999

  33. Receive my £2,000 Paypal Transfer into my account. Sincere Thanks!

  34. Good data of Dumps, bought 2 Master to use at Florida, balance is little bit low, $900 and $1k1 each one. Pin matched with Cards, but I waited 4 days to receive my cards which was late than expected. Trump is now President, i will need more money from you to keep staying study here.

  35. I actually shed tears for happiness when holding this much money on hand. Thank you very much, with this amount the family will have one full warm Christmas. I will go back to work with you early next week. Now my wife and I will go shopping first for some beautiful clothes

    1. God bless you !

    2. Walker,
      I’m new to this and I just don’t wanna be scammed. I already got scammed out of $500 by another site. Is your testimonial real? PLEASE be honest. You can shoot me a private response to my email: gem…[email protected]

  36. Just need to say that this support and service is outstanding.
    Ok Im still waiting for my £2000 transfer to my account but I am impressed. Keep up the good work.

    1. Done . Check balance your account pls !

  37. I checked the account this morning. it corresponds to 2000 pounds. thank you very much. I will continue to buy more tomorrow

  38. When you say buyer need to pay $125 to banker for each deal is that $125 coming out of the money that is being received or $125 on top of the fee your charging?

    1. Example : $1000 MTCN price $200 + $125 fee banker . totally : $325
      Check your email pls !

  39. Do you have track 1/2 with pin China ?

    1. Yes, have dumps pin china . price $110 per 1 pcs . min sell 2 dumps
      check your email pls !

  40. It would be a great X mas cause I received my $2,000 Western Union yesterday. Have a happy X-mas everyone

  41. Thanks your team very much for 5 Japan pass Vbv/3D , all Worked
    my english not good. but your supporter team is very profession

  42. Is this for real? I’m looking for either Paypal or WU transfers. My first try at such thing was a complete failure because I was scammed by bu##########.com, they ripped me off $500!! They offered the same type of services…looked too good to be true and it was! SO, if any of you in here are legitimate users and have honestly used this and ir works, PLEASE let me know.

    1. Hi, check your email pls !

  43. So how do I get started? I’m looking for Paypal transfer.

    1. Check your email pls !

  44. Alright so I just sat here and read all your feedback and comments, I’m very interested in getting your help. I’ve been using other site and not liking the outcome. I’m low on funds but need USD asap. Let’s make a deal?

    1. check your email pls !

      1. I didn’t get anything

        1. contact us via icq : 91199999
          email : [email protected]

  45. I did the purchase to there BTC- Adress, and no confirmation was coming.

    1. Pls wait 20 minutes bro . and check again your account 20 minutes later

      1. Thanks you.I received notice of successful transactions 2 day ago, and got the money to my bank account today.

  46. Very Good,Thank you very much,All credit card are active..I would buy more..

  47. I’m intrested on master visa cards please send me instruction how to buy and if you garantee it will have balance

    1. Hi. Do you want buy cvv or dumps card with pin code ?
      Check your email pls ! . or contact us via ICQ : 91199999

      1. Nothing received by mail please resend
        I need cvv not dump

  48. Is this real I’m interested but seems like a ripper site

    1. Hi John, i known alot ripper around here. but we are legit hacker team.
      you can finds another if dont trust my team
      or contact us via icq 91199999 – email : [email protected]

  49. waited about 12 hours to get order fulls uk cvv. But very satisfied with the good fulls cvv. Please faster in the next trading

    1. Yes, we will try get fastly

  50. Plz im skeptical abt dis, i jst want to be sure its real. i dont want to loose my last money, xmas is coming. i will be glad if dis is real. want d minimum wu xfer coz i dont av up to 325$ nw.

    1. hi, i see your contact via ICQ
      will make good deal and good service too

  51. 我想了解你的吴转移,但是翻译过来看不懂

    1. 检查你的ICQ的消息 !

  52. Good service Western union transfer, i received enough MTCN $5,000 around 30 minutes
    i will do more deal amount $10,000 at monday. thanks your team very much , have great christmat !

    1. Thanks ! let me known when you ready make more

  53. What up i emailed you, but no reply… can you hit me back?

    1. Emailed . check your email again thanks !

  54. Hi, vorrei una risposta alla mia domanda che vi ho inviato per email, grazie.

    1. Ciao, ti ho mandato una e-mail. potete contattarci tramite ICQ 91199999

  55. Received amount $4,000 Paypal Transfer into my account. Sincere Thanks!

  56. Is this really real

    1. hi, that really good works
      check your email pls !

  57. I am very satisfied with your service, really very professional . I’m feeling very happy when Christmas is coming
    thanks your team very much

    1. thank you mate . let us known when you want do more

  58. i wanna say thanks you to bussiness team. i’m very new on this way and trying to use Dumps tracks. I bought first dumps USA and has no ideal how to use it, and then daniel help me alot to write and insert data i bought in to a blank card and ship to me. After 5 day i received a card with happiness, but actually, i still doubt that this card will work
    i came to cloth shop and buy some thing for my girl friend, when i check out , i used this card to POS machine and the magic happened !!! the cashier gave me an invoice and this card along with my girl friend clothes.
    I leaved a shop and walked in the street thinking about fucking thing in my life till the day i came cross your sites on google. Now i’m on a coffee shop afer talking $1k5 from your dumps that i bought yesterday. you are Big boss in this UG World !! thanks you for everything and Merry Christmas

    1. Thanks you , God bless you !

  59. Going through all the comments seems legit. i hope i can get my school fees paid. please can you do Paypal to Mexico ?

    1. Check your email pls !


  61. Grabbed 10 visa master cvv
    Then I got 10 Amex/ discover
    All money I spent well worth it
    I love this site thanks for everything admin lets get this money

    1. Thanks you , God bless you !
      Let us known when you want do more and more bussiness

  62. I can not sleep because too excited. I’m thinking about what did i do today and I really have found a real partner
    thank your team for having given me faith in this life. because I’ve met so many scammers before. thanks alot

  63. I feel very excited about your team services. I want to buy some Canada cvv now

  64. Thank you for my Cvv it worked great your the best Im ready to do long time business 🙂

    1. Okay, let us known when you want buy more cvv

    1. check your email pls

  65. I tried one of these websites and they stole $500 from me.
    I need assurance to buy again, I am looking for long term
    how can u assure me that I won’t get rip?

    1. we are legit hacker time bro .
      check your email pls . we will let you see when worked

  66. I am ready to buy now. I want to try 1 test then I buy more. dumps with pin usa

  67. The best dumps

  68. Thanks for 3 EU dumps track has worked very good . i want buy more 10 pcs , Please give us good price

  69. Just added u on icq tell me more about cvvs

  70. I put my trust in you, and I am happy with my decision! $2,000 Us dollars may be small amount of money for your team. But for me, it is not only the income but also my hope and believe! Thank you for being real an reliable. God Bless You!

  71. hello sell ccv dumps … i need all info about your WU service

    1. hi, contact us via icq 91199999 or email [email protected]

  72. 4/5 UK fulls cvv has worked , that good !

  73. Hi admin , I want buy some Uk cvv
    bitcoin payment
    Please reply my email ASAP

  74. Payment mthd

    1. we accecpt bitcoin payment

  75. Can i test you cvvs?
    if they good then i like to buy alot

    1. contact us via icq 91199999 or email [email protected]

  76. Hi wassup boss man can I try your dumps with pin if it work out for me I will like to buy a lot

    1. hi, will sell good price for test. not free !

  77. UK, Usa Cvv worked very well, hope same thing next deal

  78. I did like to read a question or two concerning pricing, please email me asap

  79. Imma keep it 100 with y’all
    When i grabbed 5 cards 4/5 worked all over $400 this is the most I done made dealing with admin stay true stay loyal shopping soon

    1. You worked wells too . let us known when you want buy more

    2. Is this site a scam someone let me know?

  80. I would like to buy cvv with pin and try the wu transfer

    1. check your email pls !

  81. Hi! give me please a price list for CVV US or UK

    1. hi. USA Cvv price $15 per 1 , Uk cvv price $35 per 1
      check your email pls ! or contact us via icq 91199999

  82. i would like try your ccv , do you have simple

    1. check your email pls ! or contact us via icq 91199999

  83. I would like to buy cvv from US , please send me an email how to buy it.

    1. Emailed ! or contact us via icq 91199999

  84. i’m from philippine, very interesting western union transfer service . can you guide how to make deal ? how much ?

    1. yes, we can do wu transfer to your country . have price on site
      Check your email pls or contact us via icq 91199999

  85. Thanks your team support , i will do western union transfer at monday next weeks

    1. Let us known when you ready bussiness . We accecpt bitcoin payment

  86. i wouldlike to buy a usa track1 and track 2 dump with pin

    1. Contacted icq messages !

  87. hi admin can you pls email me,im all new to this myself but have seen a mate do a lil bit of it,i am interested in purchasing a few aus cvvs and would like to do regular buisness,,cheers

  88. pls will like to buy good dump with pin. pls send me ur icq so i can add u

  89. please send me email thank you

  90. I’m looking to buy cvv what’s the prices

    1. hi, have price on site
      check your email pls. or contact us via icq 91199999

  91. first time on this site, havent had the best luck on other sites.. this one seems pretty legit, but now low on cash and would like to see whats the best deal i can get for $100 bitcoins for dumps+pins USA how many could you do? I willl become a loyal customer…

    1. Emailed ! or contact us via icq 91199999

  92. Both of my Visa and Master Dumps used to withdraw cash at ATM went through
    good vendor . thanks you

  93. Spending bill money on taking a chance with you guys…WTS best deal for track1/2 with pin? Looking to work for you guys full time

  94. pay me now !!!

    1. hi, we dont understand
      what pay ?
      contact support : icq 91199999 or email [email protected]


  96. Bins an dumps

  97. Thanks sir, I received two card dumps plastic with pin code. and Withdrawn ATM very wells .
    I will deposit bitcoin and buy 10 cards more today

    1. Good deals , let us known when you want buy more
      via icq 91199999

  98. Check your email please boss your my last hope after buy******.com scam me big time looking to work and do deals you will be my second try hope not to get scam 2 times in a row

    1. hi, contact us via icq 91199999 or email

      1. Can you email me how i sign up please

        1. contact us icq 91199999

  99. I feel very scared when I think cheated. But you did not let me down. After two days of waiting, I received MTCN $5,000 with infor sender I got a very quick that amount $5,000 at Wu agent ,feel so happy right now, I want to invest larger amounts next transaction. Now I spend time shopping and relax with my girlfriend
    Thank you for everything

    1. no problem, let us known when you sent payment
      Same infor WU receiver ?

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