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  1. I feel very scared when I think cheated. But you did not let me down. After two days of waiting, I received MTCN $5,000 with infor sender I got a very quick that amount $5,000 at Wu agent ,feel so happy right now, I want to invest larger amounts next transaction. Now I spend time shopping and relax with my girlfriend
    Thank you for everything

    1. no problem, let us known when you sent payment
      Same infor WU receiver ?

  2. I’m sorry, I’m new. I want to buy your cards but I’ve had two disappointments and do not want any other. I do not want to make “tests” for free, but I will not be fooled again. sell me one card, I feel, and if it works, I buy so many other cards. ok?

    1. emailed !
      or contact us via icq 91199999

  3. Hi need american visa dump 101 with pin code


    1. hi, it mean creditcard ?
      emailed ! or contact us via icq 91199999

  5. I’m excited with the Wu transfer service, can your team send more plan to my email Evl*********@aol.com

    1. Hi team am Dylan from Austrilia am in high debt can i make a deal of $10,000 probably tomorrow and how am gonna need for bitcoins, pls hit me up as asap.

      1. Hi dylan, check your email pls . or contact us via icq 91199999

  6. I sent an email , reply email please
    i want buy some us , uk cvv . i’m ready bitcoin payment , send your btc address

  7. I was lost alot of time and money on ripper & scammer in last time, hope you are the true seller for me. If your dumps is really good and what you are saying here, i will try 1pc.

  8. i was waiting your repply, is no any message on you. Is that you are the real dumps seller, i just hope you can give me do some profit and also this is my last try on you. If i got scammed again will not deal with online dumps again.

    1. Contact us via icq 91199999

    1. hi, contact us via icq 91199999

  9. I got MTCN $2,000 with infor sender 5 hours ago , picked up very wells
    i will bring alot customer to your team
    thanks you guy

  10. Please check your email need cards asap

  11. hi i need some gift card how can i go about it

    1. Hi , contact us via icq 91199999

  12. want to try wu and dumps need a legit site. whats your success rate?

    1. Hi, contact us via icq 91199999

  13. I’m really satisfied with your services . 5/5 cvv worked very wells

    1. Thanks . you work good too !
      contact us when you want buy more

  14. Need cvv with pin…as often u hear don’t want to get scammed…looking to work…can u give me lower price for test.

  15. Do you have EU cvv available now ?
    and bitcoin payment ?

    1. Hi Braun , We selling Eu cvv and accecpt bitcoin payment
      Check your email pls !

    2. 4/5 Eu cvv has worked . i dont need replace for me now
      you work very good bro

  16. Perfect ! Your dumps pin very good bro. I got 1100EUR on first DP and 1350EUR on the second DP. I will share your links to my friend. i will buy more at morning tomorrows . contact you via Email

  17. Is this real I don’t want to waste my time

    1. hi, contact us via icq 91199999

  18. have you got a UK cvv?

    1. yes, have available Uk cvv, price $35 per 1
      contact us via icq 91199999

  19. i need credit card for issue ticket details or person who is work for me

    1. hi, contact us via icq 91199999

  20. Looking for us cvv with pin..heard you guys are really legit..hit me up..ready to do biz…

    1. contact us via icq 91199999

  21. I need just $500 itunes card for a start with you. How much will that cost?

    1. contact us via icq 91199999

  22. Need 101 tr1+tr2+pin
    EU only
    Can you help me?

    1. Hi, contact us via icq 91199999
      yes, we have selling Eu dumps pin

      1. Email me Back Bossman I’m trying get some *

        1. contact our icq 91199999

  23. Your cards worked very wells
    thanks so much

  24. I’m tried work with 2 EU dumps pin . Both good
    will buy 10 pcs per week, can you discount for me ?

    1. Ok man, good sounds

  25. are these coments real?? are you real??

    1. Why not real ?

  26. you have full cvv thailand krungsri

    1. hi, we dont have it
      do you want get other country fullz cvv ?
      check your email pls !

  27. Hi boss , i want buy wu transfer $1,000 . how much ?

    1. totally : $325 for $1,000 MTCN wu transfer
      contact us via icq 91199999

    1. hi. how can i help you ?
      contact us via icq 91199999

  28. I need for long term business.

    1. hi. contact us via icq 91199999

  29. Hi boss,
    10 dumps : 7 worked , 3 not valid
    replace 3 pcs please

    1. sent 3 dumps replacement. Check your email pls !

  30. hi bro I need to buy dumps with pin to withraw the money from atm in az so can you tell me how to buy from you

    1. hi, contact us icq 91199999

  31. Hello friend selling track1 and track2 + pim? Country francia

    1. hi , contact us icq 91199999

  32. hello do you have cvv

    1. yes, which country cvv ?
      contact us icq 91199999

  33. Bro I can’t create icq .. do you have another ways to contact you .. ?

  34. Thanks god, you came back
    Can you do paypal trasnfer now ? and Uk fullz cvv for shopping online ?

    1. Yes our team ready for bussiness now
      contact us icq 91199999

  35. please I need real Us cvv

    1. hi, contact us icq 91199999

  36. Got 3 US dumps . 2 Worked good and 1 low balance. but that show your legit
    try get all good for me on next deal, will buy monday next week
    Nice day !

    1. Nice day too , let us known when u want buy more

  37. Plz am new to this and i want to make more money online and plz i need ur help

    1. hi, contact us icq 91199999
      we will make u rich soon

  38. would love to do business but not really sure. I could send money for nothing. just for scam

    1. hi robert . dont worry . we are legit hacker team
      contact us icq 91199999
      will let you see legit our team on first deal

  39. 我买了5 Track 1/2 Pin 工作得很好

  40. Hi.

    Please I need PayPal.

    1. contact us icq 91199999

  41. I bought 5 Uk cvv Pass VBV . all thing good business

    1. text us when u want buy more something

  42. Send my deep thanks to Sellcvvdumps Team help me alot to buy bitcoin and nice deals 5/5 Eu cvv work wells

  43. Wells Wells Wells
    Looking this …. Withdrawn successfully
    i wanna thanks so much to Sellcvvdumps team

    1. Nice pic , let us known when u want do more bussiness
      icq 91199999

    2. I trying to work but I can’t get in contact with u

      1. Hi mike. contact our icq 91199999

  44. I bought 3 uk fullz cvv all nice worked , i tried paypal transfer service to my account . You guy supported very professional and fast business . Don’t have any excuse that would prevent me working long term deal with you . thanks so much

    1. You doing good job, let us known when u ready for new work

  45. Can i trust this site ?

    1. Hi , we are legit hacker team , contact our team icq 91199999

  46. Would like info on buying us cvv to test & possib wu transfer

    1. contact our team icq 91199999

  47. Plz email me I’m interested

    1. contact our team icq 91199999

  48. I need help signing up

    1. contact our icq 91199999

  49. Can u guys email me back i want buy a paypal

  50. are this real guys ????
    i need to buy

    1. Hi. Allthing reals
      ContAct our icq 91199999

  51. INterest to do business – can you transfer to WU india? How will i pay to you

    1. Hi. Contact our icq 91199999

  52. Valid mtcn 2,000 GBP thank sellcvvdumps team
    i will picked up at wu agent monday. thanks again

  53. this valid MTCN , the money is ready for picked up.

    1. Bro I’m Nigerian too is this for real? Don’t wanna get scammed for the third time

      1. all thing real, contact our icq 91199999

  54. Hi I Need some cvv within an specific BIN # from Mexico, Can you help me?

    1. Contact our icq 91199999

  55. i need D+p , email me the prices

    1. ContAct our icq 91199999

  56. Check your emails please

    1. Contact our icq 91199999

  57. Hi sellcvvdumps team, i wanna say thanks too much for your team support who has helped me recevied $4,000 paypal
    I will contact again when got bitcoin payment for next deals

  58. Hi, can you email me or Skype me please, I would like to try what you got out.. thanks!

  59. Good credit card , 5/5 cvv work as well
    Thank you guys so much

    1. let us known when u want buy more something


  61. 5 last china dumps work as well
    thanks so much to sellcvvdumps team

  62. Thanks to big man of my life . i got $2,000 MTCN infor with secure question/answer
    picked up as wells at Western union store .
    hack western union transfer

    1. Spend money to shopping and investing more next deals
      contact our team when u want get more transfer

  63. Hello admin, what is your cheap rate for transfer of WU and paypal send the info to my email

    1. hi you
      contact our icq 91199999
      $1,000 MTCN transfer is minimum , price totally : $325

  64. Hi sellcvvdups team, im interested with wu service
    i want buy minimum wu transfer , how much ?

    1. hi you
      contact our icq 91199999
      $1,000 MTCN transfer is minimum , price totally : $325

    hack wu transfer

    1. Nice shot !
      text us when u want do more something

  66. Check your ICQ

    1. Hi, contacted your icq !
      let us known what you want buy something

  67. Hi I emailed you, haven’t gotten a response.

    1. hi, contact our icq 91199999
      or email : [email protected]

  68. Hello is this site still active?

    1. Hi, we still working
      contact our icq 91199999

  69. I sell dumps with pin contact ymail ****@yahoo.com

    1. hi, contact our icq 91199999

  70. Just sent pm for us cvv, pls respond asap

    1. have sent , pls check your email !

  71. Hi, I’m Meng do you have Cvv with VBV or MCSC.. contact me by email asap..

    1. yes, we have it
      contact our icq 91199999

  72. Is this legit? Available in Singapore?

    1. Hi, contact our icq 91199999

  73. How do I register?

    1. Hi rib, contact our icq 91199999

  74. How do I register

    1. Hi, contact our icq 91199999

  75. thanks you guy, my $2,000 Paypal has arrived in my account
    god bless your team

    1. you wellcome !
      Let me known when u want make more deals

  76. I wanna buy some account paypal UK with balance on it . Can you tell me about something with it ?

    1. Hi, Contact our icq 91199999

  77. Worked well , thanks man
    can i buy Wu transfer today ?

    1. U wellcome . contact our icq 91199999
      yes , wu transfer service have available today


    1. U wellcome! , contact our icq 91199999

  79. Hi sellcvvdumps , i wanna buy 3 usa cvv and 2 uk cvv with bitcoin payment
    my email: Ale*******@aol.com

    1. Emailed !
      or contact our icq 91199999

  80. hie guys I’m new here but I want to buy Dump visa/MasterCard UK to use in Africa.do you recommend me buy from this seller?
    also I don’t have bitcoin account its hard to get in my country.

    1. hi, contact our icq 91199999
      we accept bitcoin payment or perfect money payment


    1. u wellcome !

  82. I bro, am interested in buying MTCN.. how much is $1500

    1. Hi, contact our icq 91199999

  83. I want to Do Western Union too, how Do i proceed? Please answer Me

    1. hi, contact our icq 91199999

  84. i need your help , can you sell me one credit card hack united states

    1. Hi, contact our icq 91199999

  85. 나는 돈을 받았다. $ 1,000 MTCN, 너 덕분에 너는 최고야.
    hack wu transfer

    1. you wellcome !
      but english feedback pls 🙂

  86. i am looking for Valid CVV with Fullz

  87. Why can’t we communicate with the people posting this feedbacks?

    1. hi, contact our icq 91199999

  88. OI, solicito contato pelo meu email.

    1. hi, english please !
      contact our icq 91199999

  89. I need a Valid Credit Master Card ,Have been Burnt a lot so i need a Valid one for testing and am gonna get more cards

    1. hi, contact our icq 91199999

  90. Hello,

    Trying to sign up but am not sure on what icq is please explain thanks!

    1. hi. contact our icq 91199999

  91. Is this a real shop. I cant see a good straight forward comment.

    1. Hi . do you want buy something ?
      contact our icq 91199999

  92. Yes. I want to buy live credit cards

    1. contact our icq 91199999
      or email : [email protected]

  93. Ok i will contact on icq. Thanks

  94. Wow . i bought 10 usa cvv from this guy. 9/10 work very wells only one low balance

  95. Please I need fullz wellsfargo or capital one..thanks

    1. Hi.. contact our icq 91199999

  96. did get it right?

    1. hi . how may i help you ?
      contact our icq 91199999

  97. Thank you so much your team , Girl friend and me separated 2 MTCN each one $2,000 to receive at western agent. God Bless You and your Crew

    1. you wellcome!

  98. I Got my $500 AMZ giftcard, thank your team

    1. U wellcome ! let us known when u want buy more

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