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 legit seller paypal verified account

About Paypal Service:

Hack paypal – updating every day – hacked paypal accounts with money

  • With experience in exploiting BUGS of Paypal.com and DDOS attacking shop, we take a number of Paypal Account
  • Then these Paypal Account will be used to transfer money to many cleaning verified Paypal Account to clean the amount of money we hacked. So money you received is absolutely clean and verified.
  • Then again we use the money in verified Paypal Account to transfer to buyer.


transfer paypal process

transfer paypal process


Frequently Asked and Questions

  • How much is balance I can receive? Minimum is 2,000$, Maximum 15,000$ in a month. We can only transfer to 1 account once a week.
  • How long I can receive money after payment? Within 25 minutes since you made payment, you will receive money into your Paypal account.
  • Is my Paypal account safe after receiving money? Definitely YES, we transfer money through out many layers , so the money you receive is totally clean and verified.




ccn | cvv | expm/expy | account no | sort-code | vbv Pass | phone no | mmn | fname lname | dob | address1 | address2 | city | post code | country | paypal login | password | ip (host)


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How about deal?

– You make payment then send me payment info and your Paypal email.
– If we check you have sent money we will make transfer for you immediately.
– After transfers completed, within 15 minutes you will get money in your account Paypal.
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Contact us

ICQ: 911-99999
Email: [email protected]
Skype: Sellcvvdumps.shop



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  1. I have been waited for 2 hours to receive my Paypal 2000$, it is a little bit long waiting but anyway I did receive what I paid for.

  2. Taking too long to find real LEgit hacker, but it is worth for my effort, trying to buy$2,000 Paypal and receive within 20 mins as you promised

  3. i want test with 1 account paypal verified balance around $500. do you have it ?

    1. okay . check your email ! and don’t forget send payment

    2. I want to try. send me an account that has money in it and ill keep buying more. Me and you will be in contact everyu single day. I just want an account to see if its legit

      1. Check your email pls !

  4. i’m interesting with paypal transfer. let me known how to buy it

    1. Please contact Us directly to buy it

  5. je suis intéresser pour paypal

    1. Contact us: Icq- 91199999
      email: [email protected]

    1. Check your email pls !

  6. Eventually i can find a real hacker after being ripped 3 times by some fucking scammers out there . $2000 has been withdrawn by my brother account. i never seen you but definitely you are like a God in the internet for sure !

    1. Be helpful, thanks you

  7. I greatly thanks for your help, i have received $2000 paypal in my account yesterday despite waitting for 30 minutes but it is worth to do bussiness with Genuis .

    1. check your email pls

  8. Hello sir
    I want a test with one PayPal Acc if it works we are going to have very long relation

    1. Hi . Check your email pls

      1. Hi, i need a US mastercard cc and let me test one and if its good then i will buy more. Thanks.

        1. contact us via icq 91199999

  9. hello
    i’ll like to be one of your team member and buy that i mean to be a big buyer… so please i’ll you to tell me how it work.
    highly waiting

    1. Check your email pls !

  10. Big thanks to your great service , i have received 4000 GBP my account paypal and withdrawn it already .
    pls keep in touch as i emailed. i will keep you busy!

    1. Thanks you for your patience

  11. wait so If I give you $175 your going to give me back $2000 via paypal?

    1. Check your email pls !

  12. So if i give you $175 BTC, will i recieve $2000 via paypal?

    1. Check your email pls

  13. Hello there, would like to try out your $2000 paypal package. Please contact me to discuss.

    1. Check your email pls

  14. i am interested in the paypal service. is it possible to test the legitimacy using a smaller payment?

    1. Check your email pls

  15. Great service ! I did get my $4000 paypal after nearly 30 minutes purchase. I’m gonna withdraw to my banks account and take cash. Then i can do another transaction with you .

    1. Be helpful. Thanks you !

  16. i want test paypal account with 500$. do you have it ?

    1. Amount $2000 paypal transfer is minimum


    1. Okay. check your email pls

  18. Hello I want to try your services… Where to I send payment to? Thanks

    1. Check your email pls

  19. hello team i send you email with requirements but still waiting for your reply

  20. Transferred me late in 30 minutes ! but anyway receive enough my $4000 paypal, hope next time pls do your job on-time. thanks you guys

    1. thanks you . let me known when you want do more

  21. Hello could I test this on my PayPal account add maybe $500.00 and if it works we will be in business

    1. check your email pls

  22. An email with notification that my Paypal balance has been added $2000 . Ps: very good communication by your biz team

  23. hi i am interested with your offer,, how to pay for this service sir,, i want try to my paypal account

    1. Check your email pls

  24. Thanks for your team supportted . i received enough $2000 my account paypal

  25. I sent an email. I’m wanting to do $2000 paypal transfer.
    How can we go about doing this?

    1. Check your email pls , Thanks !

  26. Hello i’m very interested Paypal transfer service. i will hit you up in the morning

    1. See you morning . good nights

      1. Hello i’m very interested for Paypal transfer service too.
        One question pls,
        can I use my privat(no fake) bank account with my pay pal that use few years,is there a risk or how big is the risk to do it with my realy name and bank account??

        thanks a lot!

        1. hi, check your email pls ! ( contact us via email : [email protected] or ICQ: 91199999)
          Your email get error !

  27. Question for Admin im still awating for my paypal transfer £2000 could you be kind enoght to tell me when it will be done ??????

    1. I received enough your payment. but you need send your address paypal account ?
      Pls send to my email

  28. Thanks you SIR ! i saw £2000 balance paypal my account.
    i want do biggest on next deal

  29. yes, I tried to login but just write error!

    I go try fix it and I come back soonly.

    1. Contact us : ICQ 91199999 or skypes: sellcvvdumps.shop

  30. I want to try this ,i am in Canada

    1. hi. check your email pls

  31. i can buy a test ?

    1. check your email pls

  32. Im very poor and need help and i want to know if you will and how much can you transfer for 20$ please help me

    1. $2000 paypal transfer minimum

  33. Interested in the paypal transfer amount 4000 GBP – price 300GBP ?. Seen your site and interested in doing business with you. Email me asap

    1. Already sent payment to your BTC address, transfer 4000 GBP to my account please

  34. transferred to me late in 60 minutes!!! but anyway receive enough my 4,000 GBP Paypal, hope next time please do your job on-time !

  35. Hi..
    How and were do I order ?
    Best Regards Tiffany_76

    1. Hi Tiffany ! Emailed
      contact us via email or ICQ 91199999

  36. Receive my £2,000 Paypal Transfer into my account. Sincere Thanks!

  37. Just need to say that this support and service is outstanding.
    Ok Im still waiting for my £2000 transfer to my account but I am impressed. Keep up the good work.

    1. Done . Check balance your account pls !

  38. I checked the account this morning. it corresponds to 2000 pounds. thank you very much. I will continue to buy more tomorrow

  39. Hi boss, reply my email please
    I want do amount $2000 paypal transfer today. i’m ready with bitcoin payment.

    1. Check your email pls !

  40. Paid $175 for $2,000. After 30 mins received money in my Paypal Account, I will withdrawn to my banks account and buy bitcoin for next deal . Going to contact you again thursday, Thanks mate

  41. Is this for real? I’m looking for either Paypal or WU transfers. My first try at such thing was a complete failure because I was scammed by bu##########.com, they ripped me off $500!! They offered the same type of services…looked too good to be true and it was! SO, if any of you in here are legitimate users and have honestly used this and ir works, PLEASE let me know.

    1. Hi, check your email pls !

    2. Did you try it

  42. So how do I get started? I’m looking for Paypal transfer.

    1. Check your email pls !

  43. how much will I pay to send me Paypal

    1. Amount $2,000 paypal is minimum – price $175
      check your email pls !

  44. I did the purchase to there BTC- Adress, and no confirmation was coming.

    1. Pls wait 20 minutes bro . and check again your account 20 minutes later

      1. Thanks you.I received notice of successful transactions 2 day ago, and got the money to my bank account today.

  45. Received amount $4,000 Paypal Transfer into my account. Sincere Thanks!

  46. I am very satisfied with your service, really very professional . I’m feeling very happy when Christmas is coming
    thanks your team very much

    1. thank you mate . let us known when you want do more

    1. hi, do you want do paypal transfer ?
      check your email pls

  47. hi can you trasfer this amount to indian paypal account?

    1. yes, Can do it. contact us Via ICQ 91199999 or email [email protected]

  48. Great, I did get my $4,000 paypal after nearly 40 mins purchase. I am gonna withdraw to my bank account and take cash, then i can do another transaction with you!

  49. Do you need to fake ip for safety shopping?

    1. I don’t understand bro . Contact us via icq 91199999 or email : [email protected]

    1. contact us via icq 91199999 or email [email protected]

  50. I live in a big UK tourist town and have access to alot of POS devices.
    What deals can we do?

    1. hi , check your email pls !

  51. Thank you, I got enough amount $2,000 paypal my account

  52. may i have a try. my english is very bed,but i have a paypal .i am chinese.

    1. no problem . we will try support your work !
      contact us via icq 91199999 or email [email protected]

  53. Hello
    Bro our last deal was awesome.Let,s make a new one.

    1. hi, contact us via icq 91199999 or email [email protected]

  54. hi, want to test an account with balance about 500$, if good i keep buying once a month

    1. check your email pls !

  55. I’m interesting with paypal transfer service , please reply my email ASAP

  56. I am a widow, I have one girl in need of care. wish you can help me make money with your work

  57. Thanks your team , you’ve made the commitment , will make alot deal more

  58. Want to test it out

  59. I have send 275$ in your Btc adresse and received £2,000 my PayPal . Thanks you !

    1. Let us known when you want make more deal

  60. how long as let me waiting.

    1. Contact us via icq 91199999 or [email protected]

  61. Can i have the honour to have it tested out before i have a large sum purchased? ♡

  62. I want to test by purchase small amoount ppal balance, like 500$ before move to higher transaction..
    can you do that??

    1. Amount $2,000 paypal is minimum – price $225 for that
      contact us via icq 91199999 or email [email protected]

  63. Can you make deal for lower ppal balance transfer??

    1. Amount $2,000 paypal is minimum – price $225 for that
      contact us via icq 91199999 or email [email protected]

  64. Thanks sellcvvdumps team
    I received enough my paypal , will make more large amount tomorrow

  65. Hello
    I am interested in paypal transfers.

    Are there any risks after receiving the money in my personal account?

    1. Not yet problem
      we sure 100% safe for infor receiver
      check your email pls !

  66. What’s up boss wanted to do the PayPal transfer hit me up in my email please on details

  67. Whats up boss check your email

  68. hi please i need help

    1. How can i help you ?
      contact us via icq 91199999 or email

  69. How do I make a transfer to you to get a paypal with a balance?

    1. hi. check your email pls or contact us via icq 91199999

  70. I want to buy you transfer paypal but how can you guarantee me is this real 100% ?

  71. hello, i’m interested to try.
    but i only have one paypal account, and that is connected to my personal bank account. how big is the risk if i use my paypal that connected to my personal bank account ? and is it possible if i could try lower amount first ?
    hope to hear back from you soon. thank you

    1. hi, contact us via icq 91199999 or email !

  72. Thank you, my sister just walked into banks and got $6,000 cash after 4 day withdrawn from paypal transfer with your service, I and her now will become your LOYAL customers and we may bring more customers to you. All the best!

  73. Hello there seems reliable I need help!

  74. i need get my $10.970.00 paypal after 40mins purchease i need go withdraw to my bank account take cash real and i can please

    1. maximum $10,000 paypal transfer per 1 transaction. Check your email pls or contact us via icq 91199999

    1. pls read text on site !
      contact us via icq 91199999

  75. hello please tell me the process.. i want to try it

    1. emailed ! or contact us via icq 91199999

  76. do i have to pay with paypal account or card?

  77. Hi!

    is anybody there?

    want to do a deal.

    1. hi , check your email pls !

  78. I need 5000$ imediately i am in a big money problem

    1. Emailed ! contact us via icq 91199999

  79. Received 2000 USD Thank you!

  80. Does this work in uk will PayPal or my bank know about it?

    1. hi, working very wells in Uk paypal
      contact us via icq 91199999

  81. I want to buy cvv big amount can I try one to test plan first,

    1. hello, contact us via icq 91199999

  82. i want a test account just to see if its legit because i really want to start buying this everyday

    1. hello, contact us via icq 91199999

  83. have less fear in the first transaction, but you have work very well . thanks you for $2,000 Paypay transfer

  84. Hello could I test this on my PayPal account add maybe $500.00 and if it works we will be in business

    1. hi, contact us via icq 91199999

  85. Received my money – Thanks team sellcvvdumps

  86. Good and nice comments. i will like to do long term too please i have send you and email. can i have paypal test?

    1. hi steven , check your email pls !

  87. want te test it out, i have $90 in my paypal right now
    i’ll be really glad to work with you in long term for big bucks

    1. hi. contact us via icq 91199999
      we just accecpt bitcoin payment

      1. i sent u a message in icq
        plz check it out

  88. please i need paypal account

    1. contact us via icq 91199999

  89. Wow.. Nice reviews. Please I want to buy PayPal $4,000 how do I pay?

    1. we accecpt bitcoin payment, contact support icq 91199999

  90. Looking paypal service

    1. contact us icq 91199999

  91. Thank you for keeping your word . Received my balance £4,000 paypal
    will make more deal next week

  92. can anyone tell me this:is it really

    1. yes all real. contact us icq 91199999

  93. dimmi come pagare e ti invio i soldi per una operazione di 5000 euro

    1. english please !
      contact us icq 91199999

  94. Hi!!

    Do i send $225 and to get minimum $2,000 paypal transfer?

    1. Price $275 for $2,000 paypal trasnfer
      contact us icq 91199999

  95. Successful transactions, I got the right amount £2,000

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