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1. Shop owner or Re-seller need commodities to sell.

2.People that do not how to use ccv-credit card to buy something on high page rank such as Amazon, ebay,..etc.


1.Buyer give us the link of commodities and details of commodities (quantity, color,..) that they wish to purchase.

2.We check if commodities is available, then inform the cost to Buyer.

3.Buyer make the service charge to us along with Receiver information. Details charge is as below.

4.We start purchasing order and ship to Customer using Courier service as mentioned above.


How long I will receive my order? It’s depend on country of receiver. Normally if you are in USA, EU it takes 2-4 days. In case, you are in Africa or Asian, it may take longer but maximum 15 days. But we always use fastest service to ensure you receive order as soon as possible.

What carrier you use to ship? We use DHL/Fedex/UPS/USPS/Express/EMS/Canada Post/First Flight shipping-charge






 iTunes, GGplay code/gift

Amount $200 : price  = $110

Amount $500 : price  = $250

Amount $1,000 : price  = 450

Amount $5,000 : price  = $1,600

Amazon,  Walmart,  Ebay,  BestBuy,  Target

Amount $200 : price  = $100

Amount $500 : price  = $225

Amount $1,000 : price  = $425

Amount $5,000 : price  = $1,500

Nordstrom,  Pandora,  Blooming,  Macys,  Sephora 

Amount $200 : price  = $100

Amount $500 : price  = $220

Amount $1,000 : price  = $400

Amount $5,000 : price  = $1400amazon giftcard oder success************************************************

*** Ship (Laptop/Iphone/Ipad) :

shipped iphone ipad imac

– The price of transportation of high-end electronics

IPHONE XS (256 GB) = $500

IPHONE XS MAX (256 GB) = $650

=== Transit time from 4 to 6 days

=== Every 5 hours will send a shipping tracking

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  1. Finally, after 3 days waiting, I saw my 2 iPhone in a box from courier service. It was nice and clean, fresh. Now I will sell these 2 iPhone and use money to buy something from you

  2. 这是真的吗 谁告诉我???

    1. English please !
      contact us : ICQ 91199999
      email: sellcvvdumps.shop @gmail.com

      1. hello i want to buy some gift card

        1. Contact our icq 91199999

          1. Do you sell this… login email+pass mixed with dubai, Hong kong (china), USA business email+pass login with transaction with IP attached to it.

          2. contact our icq 91199999

  3. can i buy just e gift card, without provided commodities sir?

    1. Check your email pls !

  4. I just want to buy a 200 dallor egift card for how I will have to pay for it

    1. contact us via icq 91199999 or email [email protected]

  5. Sir I want to buy egift card at Apple thank

  6. Hi i would like to buy fullz and iphone 7plus

    1. check your email pls !

  7. I want to buy a virtual electronic card. I don’t know how to buy, can you help me?

    1. Contact us via icq 91199999

  8. How do you get your gift card codes?

    1. contact us via icq 91199999

  9. Hi I’m interested in getting one of your Walmart e-gift card. How do I go about purchasing?

    1. emailed ! or contact us via icq 91199999

    1. emailed ! or contact us via icq 91199999

  10. I want 2 $150 Amazon Gift Cards, Please!!!!!! please!!!!

    I Will Be Obliged For This.

    ([email protected])

    1. Pls check your email !

  11. I’d like to buy a gift card pls

  12. Thank your guy , i got $500 amazon giftcard yesterday
    redeem successfully

  13. hello, i sent payment 1 hours ago . why not see your giftcard ????

    1. sorry for the inconvenience. we did sent $1,000 amazon giftcard to your email Plus $100 amazon giftcard bonus
      Pls check your email !

    2. I’ve got a little worried. I think I’ve been cheated. but you did not let me down. thank you for that, I wish next time dealing with bulk and quick time

  14. Hi admin. I need an e gift I sent you an icq msg

    1. hi, check your msg again
      icq 91199999

  15. Hi i would like to buy Walmart gift card and dumps + pin

  16. Pls, how many iphone7 can i pay for at a time? Are they unlocked?

    1. you can buy one or two phone on first deal . we accecpt bitcoin payment or pm payment
      yes, unlocker version
      contact us via icq 91199999

  17. Redeem successful your gift card . thank you

    1. Is this guy legit i want to buy ca cvv to order iphones i have bitcoins to pay but i just want to know if its legit

      1. Hi jamie, contact us via icq 91199999

  18. Hi would like to buy USA fullz

    1. hello. contact us via icq 91199999

  19. i would like to purchase california usa visa 101 costco bussiness account fulz with the tracks.can u provide me with this service?

    1. hi, contact us via icq 91199999

  20. Can u plz get back at me want to try today see if ur cc. Are what they say

    1. contact us via icq 91199999

  21. I want to buy a electronic amazon gift card

    1. contact our icq 91199999

  22. hi i need to purchase a e gift card how do isubmit payment to u

    1. contact our icq 91199999

  23. I need a lot of things from here how can i get them asap

    1. contact our icq 91199999

  24. I need an e-gift from you from amazon and usa fullz along with apple products. How do i pay you for them i wrote you on icq

    1. contact our icq 91199999

  25. thanks dude , i got $500 valid amazon giftcard

  26. I’m still not convinced whats the smallest amount I can spend here have been ripped on over 10 sites like this and the most rexwbtvis exactly like this with comments all good Hut once you pay that’s all I need to be convinced

    Site is buy*********.org please beware everyone

    1. hi . contact our icq 91199999

  27. How I can buy e gift

    1. contact our icq 91199999

  28. Thank boss i got valid amazon giftcard amount $500 will buy more soon

  29. u have wallmart gift ??

    1. hi, we have it
      contact out icq 91199999

  30. how can i buy cheap walmart gift card

    1. contacted your icq

  31. I wanti to buy debit and prepaired cards m. Here have a that cards?

    1. Hi. contact our icq 91199999

  32. i want buy $500 amz GC usa how much is it ?

    1. Price $200 for that $500 AMZ GC
      we accept bitcoin payment
      contact our icq 91199999

  33. Hello I need cc with all the details listed below
    | Card number | Card Exp date | CVV2 | Name on Card | DOB l Billing Address | City | State | Zip Code | Country | Phone number |
    How much will it cost?

    1. Contact our icq 91199999

  34. When will you start selling the iPhone 8

    1. next week will update !
      contact our icq 91199999

  35. can i shop like a normal shoping without any VPN or RDP or anything ?

    1. Contact our icq 91199999

  36. Keys do this. Hotel. Com ecard and Wal-Mart ecard

    1. contact our icq 91199999

  37. can I shop like normal without RDP and can I get just a single piece of card. I have sent you more than 3 msg to your mail

    1. contact our icq 91199999

  38. hello
    i want buy gift cards

    1. contact our icq 91199999

  39. I received $500 itunes Code . redeemed successfully
    Best regard

    1. You wellcome ! let me known when you want buy more

  40. I would like an iPhone 7 in Nigeria, how much and how fast can I get it, is it sure?

  41. I got 10 pcs amount $50 Itunes thanks you

  42. Here to vouch for bro. Him and his team legit. Ive been working with for months.

    1. let me known when you want buy more something

  43. i received $500 amz egiftcard i ordered maybe 1 hour and he sent to me
    thank you buddies <3

    1. let me known when you want buy ore something

  44. I just added you on icq.. but I want to buy some egift cards

    1. okay. Added your icq
      let me known when you want buy something

  45. Hey I want to buy something . I emailed you but no response. Email me

    1. Emailed !
      check your email again . or contact our icq 91199999

  46. hey i made the payment for itunes e code through btc. But u havent got my itunes code is it all real
    PS.- Nervous first time

    1. i got it thanks

  47. I got my pack 500usd amazon ecode many thanks

    1. contact our icq 91199999

  48. i want to get amazon egift card

  49. What’s icg how do I contact it

    1. icq number : 91199999

  50. I’m from india, so can i get amazon.in Gift codes to redeem in this. if available, how much?

    1. We dont have amz india
      Contact our icq 91199999

  51. Steam wallet codes plz sir

    1. contact our icq 91199999

  52. 500$ amz e-code redeem successful , thank guys so much

  53. i need japanese banklogin or cvv or japan amazon gift

    1. contact our icq 91199999

  54. Can I use the Wal-Mart gift card to buy things at Wal-Mart online? What if it gets canceled

    1. sure will work as well
      contact our icq support : 91199999

  55. I want to buy a giftcard

    1. contact our icq 91199999

  56. Need to shop on ebay.

    1. contact our icq 91199999

  57. pls i would need an itune card

    1. contact our icq 91199999

  58. i want buy dumps pin for Cash Out ATM Morocco

    1. contact our icq 91199999

  59. Good valid Itunes E-code i want to buy more please give me cheap price

    1. we need enough payment , contact our icq 91199999

  60. Hello ,
    I Just Made a Payment of $100 For Amazon E Gift card woth of $200 .. And U Guys Suppose to send Me within 5 Minutes After When i made Payments . But about now More than 10 Minutes and i havenot Received Anything Yet…

    1. Sorry for delay time . pls check your email again

    2. OMG i seen it that valid E-code
      thanks you so much <3

  61. I want to buy itunes gift card

    1. contact our icq 91199999

  62. I would like to purchase a $500 Nordstrom e-gift card. Please contact me ASAP. Thank you.

    1. Contact Our icq 91199999

  63. can i get some gitfcard

    1. contact our icq 91199999

  64. This is really a great gift on my 30th birthday
    Thank you all for being so perfect deal

  65. I need iPhone x urgently. Email me

  66. Hi.Do you have a psn gift card?

  67. Email me need us ccv

    1. Contact our icq 91199999

  68. I need a Wal-Mart gift card I been trieing to contact you

    1. contact our icq 91199999

  69. Can I buy CVV and use it to shop on my own personal shopping site? And is it safe?

    1. contact our icq 91199999

  70. Please which phones are in stock, how much and where idvit shipped from

    1. contact our icq 91199999

  71. I wanna buy a target gift card.

  72. Good man, he didn’t let me down
    i got my pack $500 amazon E-code
    Deeps thank to sellcvvdumps team

  73. Thanks for my last Itunes Egiftcard order , successfully redeem. just wanna ensure you guys still doing biz, cause i gonna make order tomorrow. Thank you

    1. we still doing good business
      let me known when you ready for work
      contact our icq 91199999

  74. I wan to order $500 Amazon Gift Card but can you send 100$ x5

    1. yes , we can do it
      contact our icq 91199999

  75. thank admin about $500 sephora E-code you are the best vendor (y)

  76. can you contact me via my ICQ please I want to place order or my email : ICQ – 746*****8 or jaco********[email protected]

    1. Added your icq !

  77. recieved my amazon e gift card. after paying 110 for 200
    good service

  78. Please do you sell Asos gift card?

    1. Contact our icq 91199999

  79. I’d like to purchase a $1000 Sephora gift card

    1. Contact our icq 91199999

  80. i need some egift card and iphone x
    pls. and bank wire

    1. Contact our icq 91199999

  81. how to contact u??

    1. Contact our icq 91199999

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