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bug wu transfer 2016

Wu transfer 2016 – new version (* hack wu transfer *)  ** New update 2017 **
– We store a number of account Wu transfer  Western Union from all countries around the world
– We transfer money to all countries / territories in world that have Western Union.
– We can transfer big amount. You can receive this money in your country / territory.
– Please note for new Customer we only accept to provide MTCN with limited maximum 10,000 USD/month and only 2 transaction/week.
– We process a series of transfers to our exchangers who then relay the funds to you. The result is that you receive clean funds. This makes it very safe and the service is very fast.
– We process the transfer and forward you your Western Union info without delay or issues.
– We give you the number MTCN , Sender’s info and all cash-out info in 20 minute after transfer completed
– Hack western union money transfer online , hack western union mtcn number


1. Information you must provide us to receive Western Union Transfer

  • Receiver’s First Name
  • Receiver’s Last Name
  • Receiver’s City
  • Receiver’s Country

2. Information we provide you to receive money after we received your payment

  • Sender’s First Name
  • Sender’s Last Name
  • Sender’s City
  • Sender’s Country
  • Secret Question / Secret Answer
  • MTCN Code




bug wu transfer 2016 good

Bug wu transfer 2016 – new version


western union mtcn 2016 hack========================================================== 


price mtcn hack western union


How to buy and about deal?

– You make payment fee then send me payment info and your Western Union details. ( First Name , Last Name , Country , City)
– If we check you have sent money, we will start job and make transfer to you immediately.
– Transfers completed in 20 mins , you will get number MTCN + Sender’s details via your private emails you provide to us through our email.
 * NOTICE: Buyer need paid $125 to  banker for each deal – ( Fee active )

 Contact us

ICQ: 911-99999
Email: [email protected]
Skype: Sellcvvdumps.shop


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  1. Just made payment waiting a response

    1. ok. got your payment. will work ASAP

      1. how did it go?

        1. contact our icq 91199999

  2. how do i contact you.. trying to purchase MTCN $200 for $1,000

    1. contact our icq 91199999

  3. I send you ICQ and skype request please reply me.

    1. okay. check again icq 91199999

  4. Great Christmas Day , I picked up enough $2,000 at Western union agent with your service. My kids will be delighted with this special gift. you’re like Santa Claus delivering presents for the kids, and I’m one of them.
    Thank you very much and wish Merry Christmas soon
    Best regards – Nelson

  5. How real is this site my friends?

    1. pls check our system
      contact our icq 91199999 when you want make wu deal

  6. Can we make a deal? I need Sim cloaning tool and I need $1000 real wu to Nigeria, hope it will not be tagged as scam during pickup? My country is fuckedup now, give me all the information I need to know to avoid some shit..

    1. ok. contact our icq 91199999
      $1,000 WU transfer price totally : $325

  7. fukkkkk Bitcoin system told alot fee transfer today
    i’m ready payment to make deal now . reply me ASAP

    1. check your messages
      icq : 91199999

  8. This Christmas is the hardest time. I lost my job, and the bills keep coming to my rent house. I was exhausted, hungry and devastated. But God is there when we are in the worst situation as you act like the lifesaver. Western Union brought me $5000 but moreover you brought the hope and believe that this life never end
    God Blesss all you guys.

  9. Could you hit me back asap

    1. contact our icq 91199999

    1. Hi , how can i help you ?
      contact our icq 91199999

  10. how real is this? I hope this is not a ripping site again as i want to make a deal with you

    1. We are legit vendor , contact our icq 91199999

      1. How much for a w /u transfer for 3000and can i collect it in ireland

        1. contact our icq 91199999
          $2,000 western union transfer price totally : $500

          1. I want to buy,track 1,2 plus pin is there a min order and will i receive information straightway

          2. contact our icq 91199999

  11. Greattt, I did get my 4000$ paypal after nearly 40 mins purchase. I am gonna withdraw to my bank account and take cash, then i can do another transaction with you!

  12. Bonjour intéressé par votre activité. Je veux recevoir dans mon pays western union de 4ooo dollar. Comment faire

    1. english pls !
      contact our icq 91199999

  13. how do wu work

    1. contact our icq 91199999

  14. Hello everyone how can i get $5000

    1. contact our icq 91199999

  15. How much western union money would i be able to acquire with $50USD? I am really low on cash

    1. $1,000 wu transfer is minimum amount- price totally : $325
      contact our icq 91199999

  16. Very fast in Western Union mOney transfer, i waited 25 minutes before receiving the details Mtcn code and other infor, as I did receive 1k Usd today, I am gonna use another receiver infor and comeback to buy an 5k USD transfer soon.

    1. let me known when you want do amount $5,000 wu transfer

  17. Hi do you make WU transfer to Lebanon Beirut??

    1. yes, we can do it .contact our icq 91199999

  18. Hi how can we do this ?

    1. contact our icq 91199999

  19. i dont know how to use icq? but i added you on skype so please check..need some cvv

    1. contact our icq 91199999

  20. Any one can vouch or tell me this site is reall

    1. contact our icq 91199999

  21. I would like to start buying 2k and receive money at Western Union, I am from Us, Texas, some ppl in underground site gave good words about your work, please email me. Thank you.

    1. emailed !
      contact our icq 91199999

  22. This will be my first time doing the wu transfer, I did do it once bf and was finessed out of my money and nothing was ever sent to me! I just want to make sure that this doesn’t happen again… can you plz tell me how I know that it truly works bc if it does I will most definitely use as much as y’all allow…

    1. hi, contact our icq 91199999
      dont worry , you will satisfied with our team service

    2. Hey did this actually work ?

  23. I want to buy how to

    1. contact our icq 91199999

    1. contact our icq 91199999

  24. Is this real,becos I have been scammed bf.I need proof,then I will have a longterm business with you

    1. all real , contact our icq 91199999

  25. does this work 50/50 or it works 100%

    1. we guarantee 100% work as well with safe

  26. alright im ready to do this help get me through the process? also how many times can i do this?

    1. Contact our icq 91199999

  27. wu mate 1k
    I want it asap, ill txt u on icq

  28. how can i buy MTCN 1000 usd to Nigeria sir

    1. contact our icq 91199999

  29. hi sir i wanna buy western union transfer to USA , how can i do it

    1. Hi bruno , contact our icq 91199999
      sure will be work as well usa transfer

  30. Hi,

    Do you have WU bug software ?

    1. contact our icq 91199999

  31. Hey, got recommendation from my friend, would like to buy 2000 wu transfer. I wanna pay via Bitcoin or Perfect Money . Wait for your email.

  32. How do I reach icq 91199999

    1. Emailed !
      or contact our email , skype too

  33. Hi, send my deep thanks to support team, help me a lot to get my 2000 usd yesterday! See you guys next week

  34. hi how to make payment to buy westernunioin

    i am located in malaysia

    1. contact our icq 91199999
      we accept bitcoin payment

      1. Hi please i want to buy the WU transfer, I’m from Ghana…

        1. contact our icq 91199999

  35. Can you please email me the least you guy’s would sell one for pablo********@gmail.com …I’m tired of getting ripped off I don’t have much already

    1. contact our icq support : 91199999

  36. hello i am country Kosovo pleas bro help me how transfer money wu

    1. contact our icq support 91199999

  37. My point is how safe is this?

    I’m in Nigeria and there is so much monitoring by government authorities.

    1. contact our icq 91199999
      sure will be worked as well with safe

      1. Do you mind add me on My ICQ, I want to but Wu bro

        1. Emailed ! or send your icq here now

  38. I really need a fee of $1000 dollars please let me no if it’s still available for this amazing amount $200 thanks here from you soon…… From the USA San Francisco California 94130

    1. contact our icq 91199999

  39. hi can u email me ur email to contact ? my email id is gimmy*****[email protected]

    1. Emailed !
      or contact our icq 91199999

  40. How you buy things from here

  41. Hi please i want to buy the WU transfer,

    1. contact our icq 91199999

  42. Does this site work

    1. contact our icq 91199999

  43. Hi I am interested im a WU transfer

    1. contact our icq 91199999

  44. trying to get stated how do i get you your money and how fast will get mine

    1. contact our icq 91199999

  45. i need a 1,000 asap right now emergency funds

    1. contact our icq 91199999

  46. Hello sir İm think the is work real baceuse pure am know thanks see you later

    1. yes. we are legit real vendor
      contact our icq 91199999

  47. My Western Union transfer has passed through and resulted $2000 in cash. Genuine!!!

  48. Hey how can I buy? Need a wu transfer asap

    1. contact our icq 91199999

  49. interested. contacted via icq and emial

    1. contact our icq 91199999

  50. Interested in learning more details about WU transfer I’m in need of fast money so I can pay my bills.

    1. contact our icq 91199999

  51. been on other cc sites and as you know every one has there and but im loving the quality cc on here and im going to give it another purchase for Western Union soon as my guys just received his Western Union transfer 2k from them. thanks again much

  52. Hi I would like to purchase wu transfer

    1. contact our icq 91199999

  53. Hey is yall still selling?

    1. yes , still working good
      contact our icq : 91199999

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